Olivia Dear

Olivia is 28 months old, but the number doesn’t mean as much to me as it did the first two years of her life, so I guess she’s reached the age where I have to start describing how old she is in years as opposed to months. My, how fast time has flown!

Today was a lovely Thursday. It’s only like the second full week of daycare for my baby, but she is loving it and so are we. I really appreciate the school she’s going to because it’s giving her such a valuable experience of being in a structured learning environment so early on. Today was actually the first time we received a photo of her “playing” with another child (as in they were doing the same thing really close to each other). Since Olivia’s a pandemic toddler, she really doesn’t have any friends and only has experience with her cousin Zachary, who isn’t too fond of playing with her at the moment :(. The other girls at daycare seem to enjoy playing with each other from the daily photos we see from the the school, and I really hope Olivia starts wanting to make friends too. She’s super independent and prefers to play alone according to her teacher, but she’s slowly opening up with some prodding from the teacher.

When we picked up Olivia today, her teacher, Ms. T, stayed around to talk to us for longer than she usually did. I am super happy with Ms. T and can’t express my gratitude enough for her looking after my dearest daughter during the day and caring enough to pay attention to Olivia’s quirks and preferences. Our daughter can be really picky with food at school, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear she ate her dumplings today (just like it was a surprise to hear she ate pasta yesterday). We’ve been trying to tell her to follow the other children who are eating and to listen to her teacher, so maybe she’s starting to learn? I love that Ms. T doesn’t try to put pressure on Olivia and instead, she works with my daughter, sitting her next to a ferocious eater hoping he would influence her, and supplementing my daughter’s lunch if she sees Olivia hasn’t eaten enough. We’re paying $1,200 a month for this school, and there are 10-12 kids in this class with two teachers, and I just feel like that’s not enough to compensate teachers for what they do. However, we also kind of can’t afford to pay more 😓. Note to self to get some nice Christmas presents at least.

Ever since my mom and I visited our fortune teller to discuss life, I’ve been feeling really good about my house. Prior to seeing her, I was worried that my home might be too small if we want to expand our family, but now I’m fulling embracing the small home life and really appreciate not wasting too much space, especially during the day time when Olivia is at school and it’s just me and my husband working from home. There are days when I don’t even venture into the basement or backyard, but it’s nice to know those spaces are available. I can’t express how nice it is to be home in peace and quiet when Olivia’s at school. I love my daughter to pieces, but it’s refreshing to get a taste of the freedom from what life was like before I became a mom. I used to want a small age gap in between children, but as everything happens for a reason, I now appreciate the quietness so much more.

Yay for Friday tomorrow! Looking forward to acupuncture on Saturday and then the museum on Sunday. Also, love that my mom is coming over this weekend and looking forward to her chicken soup!