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You Know You’re a Modern Asian Mom

…when you thoroughly enjoy discussing elementary school options with another mom, though both your daughters are only 3 and aren’t even eligible to apply for kindergarten yet 😂 .

In seriousness, it’s so refreshing to have a buddy who’s on the same wavelength as you when it comes to education for our children. It’s another mom from Olivia’s Montessori school, whose daughter is one of Olivia’s favorite friends in her class. I’m kind of nervous for next year, when we will start applying for kindergarten, since there are so many options and I don’t want to “screw” anything up for Olivia. Thus, it’s so nice to have someone to ping who will be going through the same thing and share similar values with me on education.

The funny thing is that our lives are also very similar – she and her husband met in high school, did long distance, and they also have two kids with the same age gap as Olivia and Chloe (3 years, 2 months). Who says you can’t make friends in your 30s?

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