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A Belated 100 Day Celebration for Chloe

Since Covid-19 started nearly three years ago, it’s been difficult to plan events more than two weeks in advance, especially now with a vulnerable 3 month old baby. We’d originally planned to celebrate Chloe’s 100 days on the actual day, but had to push it back due to a family member contracting the virus.

Two weeks later, we were finally able to host Chloe’s party, but it really is like we’re in a whole new world since we hosted Olivia’s 100 days three years ago. For Olivia, we were able to have a party at Maiella, a waterfront restaurant in LIC. We were able to invite extended family, friends, and Daniel’s mom’s friends. It barely crossed our minds to wonder if guests were sick, both because we assumed they would know better than to come to a baby celebration if they were, and because it was just not a thing we thought about too much. The only thing on my mind was not wanting people to kiss my baby because I’ve heard horror stories about babies contracting herpes that way.

This time around, we were only comfortable inviting family. We were originally going to host the party at a local upscale sushi restaurant, but due to the recent uptick in covid cases, and the “tridemic” of covid, RSV, and flu that the media keeps talking about, we decided to scale back and have the party at Daniel’s mom’s place. It was still a good time of course, and I think it worked out better since I was more comfortable feeding Chloe there than at a restaurant bathroom, but it’s a little wild to me how different the world is now.

Anyhow, we had some awesome sushi, sashimi, noodles, and a delicious but expensive cake. My adorable moment of the day was when we had Olivia and Chloe take pictures with their great-grandparents, and Olivia held Chloe’s hand without anyone telling her to. She’s naturally so protective of her baby sis and it makes me so happy to see it. Got some nice pictures too, so happy 100 days Chloe love!

Cake by Taste Crème, Topper by CakingAtHome via Etsy

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