Mom Life

A New Chapter

We finally closed on our Forest Hills apartment today, yay!

Many lessons learned, and we are lucky to be able to afford the tuition. It’s inspired us to be more proactive with our personal finances, and not make the mistake of being stuck in comfort.

As they say, the comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.

Next week I’ll be going back to work, and I am so thankful that my mom is here to help with Chloe. Olivia also enjoys playing with my mom, so it’s definitely nice for her to have grandma around. Childcare is such a big stressor for parents- really cannot express enough how grateful I am that my mom agreed to try to help us.

Finally, I’m currently engrossed by The Premonition by Michael Lewis. It’s such an incredible (true) story about the efforts of some seriously smart people in the medical field who understood pandemics and tried to prevent uncontrollable spread of the virus in our country. Sadly, their efforts were hampered by the CDC and politics. The book is like a beacon of hope for me, as it’ reminds me’s a reminder that there are great, brilliant people out there who genuinely care, but it’s also a little depressing to know that these people are too far and few between. Too many people, especially young kids, spend way too much time and energy on social media and TikTok nowadays. There’s nothing worst than wasting a person’s mind, potential, and time. In 2023, I hope to lead a “do better” life and keep growing in all aspects of life. Can’t wait!

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