It’s Me, Hi (Again)

For the umpteen time, I’m attempting to start the habit of blogging again. Perhaps in the past I didn’t have an idea of who my audience was, so I wasn’t really motivated to keep up with posts. Now that I’m a mom of two wonderful little girls, I think it’ll be nice to be able to leave them some of my thoughts in case they want to read and understand that their mom was, in fact, once a young(ish) woman with lots of thoughts and opinions.

Currently, I’m trying to figure out how to provide the best life for them and our family, so maybe this blog will turn into an interesting story for them. At the very least it’ll capture my voice through my writing, and it’s something I would’ve loved to have from my mom. So girls, I’m doing this for you and any potential siblings you guys may have. I’d hate to let you guys down, so I have a good feeling about this blog sticking around!

For a quick recap of what life looks like at the moment- I’m on my third month of maternity leave, I just got a raise and promotion last week (yay for an awesome tech company and an even more awesome manager), I have 12 side hustle ideas I’d love to start working on, but I’m currently battling a cold that I can’t really take medicine for since I’m nursing Chloe. It’s all good though, as I’ve learned that life is truly a marathon, not a sprint. I’m at a point in life where my main focus is my family, especially now that Chloe is only 3 months old, I’m prioritizing her health and sleep in addition to spending time with Olivia and enjoying both the infant and toddler stages. The best time for me to have been all about the hustle was in my twenties, way before I had kids and I had all the time to just focus on myself. Unfortunately, I really wasted a lot of time when I was younger, but it’s ok as 1) the past is the past and I can’t change it and 2) I know I’ll have more time to myself once the kids are older. I just want to cherish this time I have now, where my husband and I are the whole world to these girls, and focus on them.

This upcoming week is my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and I truly have a lot to be thankful for. Even though I’m (already) 34 and feel like I haven’t accomplished much in life, as I’m typing this blog post I see a peek of my desktop wallpaper behind my browser window and it’s two photos- Olivia is smiling her big smile on the top, Chloe is flashing one of her earliest smiles on the bottom- and this reminds me that I don’t need to beat myself up for anything. If “all” I accomplish is raising these two little humans and guiding them to become happy, confident, successful big humans, then that’s more than enough for me.

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